PC-Triple C single wire conductor with Telegärtner MFP8 T568B terminals.

Custom-made length, hand made by KamAudio.

It is same as LAN-1.0 Triple C quality, but selling R-AL1 price!

Custom length is available. $77.50 USD per 0.5 meter.

The mainstream of LAN cables for audio is a conventional LAN cable with a shield made of a special material added,

but LAN Triple C / LAN-1.0 Triple C newly introduces PC-Triple C as a conductor.

The LAN plug is made of Telegärtner, which has the highest quality and quality at present.

The insulating material is fluororesin, which has excellent relative permittivity and realizes ultra-high-speed transmission speed.

Uses copper foil that does not generate characters.

Furthermore, it is a LAN cable that can be called a true audio grade, such as installing a carbon CSF tube that prevents the generation of static electricity and provides a double shield effect on the outermost circumference.

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Acoustic Revive LAN Triple C

  • $220.00

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